Another cover!

CenterIce_FCOkay, for those of you who will read Center Ice… this cover is cute, and I like it and it kinda captures the spirit of the book. But my characters never go skating together, my heroine doesn’t wear jeans, the story is set in late summer… huh.

Think of the cover as a sort of metaphor. A symbol, not a graphic depiction of reality. This cover symbolizes my book. And if you’re reading on an e-reader you’ll hardly see the cover anyway! It’s all good.

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An RT mention! And I have a cover!

Just a Summer Fling Cover

Things are starting to feel real around here!

I’ve got a cover, and a mention in Romantic Times:

“Set in a small Vermont town popular for vacationers, Cate Cameron’s Just a Summer Fling is going to be a fun and romantic getaway starting next summer!”

That sounds about right.

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New Beginnings

It was supposed to be sunny today. Instead, grey and almost drizzling.

A good day for sitting inside by the fire, dog at my feet, cat on the back of my chair… as I swear at my computer and rant and rave about technology and all the different ways it tortures me.

Okay. Deep, calming breaths. Everything will work out. This is a small challenge, and I will meet it. Eventually.


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